Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Blog that got forgot it was a blog

ok so yes i remebered to update.
haha ok
so like i just got back on friday from San Diego
i was there for 4 weeks!!!
(SOOOO not long enough!!!)
BUT any way i had soooo much fun!!! i made lots of new friends!!!
ok so like school starts on thursday!!
i'm gonna be a BIG BAD 8TH GRADER!!!!
oh yeah!!
haha well i g2g
i promise to update with pics from san diego!

Monday, March 23, 2009

why? Why? WHY???

OK! so it is spring break for me in little Shelley Idaho. and i know that it was the first day of spring on Friday for EVERYONE.....BUT!?!?! WHY does it have to SNOW?!?! IT IS SNOWING!!!!! It is spring break and it is snowing and it is supposed to be this ugly all WEEK LONG!!!!!!! UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH!!!

any way:
as you have read in older blogs i am in the music man. one night me and my bestest friend right now Skye got beyond bored!! we had a break and we had nothing to do!!! so we took pictures....

OK it is kinda a heart <3


haha ok those are only some of the pictures there is a lot more. that is my friend Skye...she has as many dance classes as i do and so we have gotten to know each other very well and have become best friends.. I love her she is soooooo funny!! and i think skye might be having a spaz attack right now cuz she loves LOVES the snow!!! i know wierd right? oh well we love her any way!!!!

well i have to go clean my room.....i have been trying to do it for like a month now but everytime i have a day i can do it my mom decides and takes us to Utah..and she has been on my butt about it but i have tried to do it you keep making things happen so i can't!!!!!

oh well look for more blogs!!!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


OK!!!! so i went to school today and was all worried cuz i knew i was going to fail my math homework and i did but we had a different sub and she taught us how to do it so now i get it!!! now i won't fail!!!!!! yeah for the good subs!!!

OK! well i have to go but i will post a much longer on tomorrow about you of me (yes i know i said me i'm just soo cool like that) so any way one of me bestestestestest friends EVA!!!!! KENNA!!!! I love you with all my heart chica!!!!!!! I might get to see you again on thursday!!!!


Monday, March 2, 2009

MATH!!! and FRIENDS!!!!

OK!!!! so my math teacher had to go to this class for math cuz last year she taught Language arts and now this year she is teaching math so she has to take classes about how to learn how to teach it. ANY WAY! she is not at school so I don't have a good math teacher cuz we have a sub. UGH!!! i hate subs they are STUPID!!!! (except for my mom) they either can't
A) teach it well enought that we get it then expect us to do it with out answering questions or they..
B)just don't know how to do it so they just say wat is out of the book and don't even teach it to us!!!!
SO!! till my teacher gets back i am probably going to fail all my math lessons I will just have to redo them all UGH!! more homework YUCK!!!!!!

SO!! on a happier note One of my bestest friends Katelyn was reading my blog and said you should wright something about me!! so here ya go katelyn:

you are an friend!!! i love you to death!!! you are always going to be there for me and i know that!! I LOVE YOU!!! keep rockin!!!!!!

well i have to go to the orthodonitst so bye!!!

Look for more posts

Sunday, March 1, 2009


OK! so i am new to this. My mom has she has been helping me with it. MY life is crazy right now...i have so much stuff going on. I have Basketball, Dance, and I am in my school play The Music Man. I have basketball every Wednesday and Thursday night. I would play basketball all the time IF i didn't have dance! OMG! i love dance i have like 6 hours of dance each week. we have like 6 more weeks till dance recital and i am kinda nervous about that....SO any way i told you i am in the school play....The Music Man. I was in it this time last year and i had the same part so i don't have to memorize any thing!!! I did have a job. I reffed basketball for kids from ages Kindergarten to 2nd grade, but the games only go so long and the last game was Saturday. I made good i will wait till summer then i will humpire little girl softball games.

OK!!!! so my mom is directing a school not the one i'm is for this school called Jefferson Montessori school. I have been going to the rehersalsand now they are performing it and i have been going with my mom to the play when they perform it. I have made one of the BEST friends i could have...she is in the play and she has a blog too!! (that's kinda how i talked my mom into getting me one) but their last time performing it is Monday. and then they are having a cast party on thursdat but i have dance so i can't go.....BUT ANYWAY back to the friend i have made... me and her are like twins!! haha we are sooooo much's so cool!!!

Keep looking for more blogs!!!!!!